Plant Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF) has been created and registered under the Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Bangladesh (Registration No. S-12470/2016) with the view to promote and contribute plant conservation towards enrichment of biodiversity as a whole.

Strengthening plant conservation through improved cooperation in a comprehensive national and regional context.

Specific Objectives
  • Intensify the conservation of threatened forest plant species, and the species of wild relatives of agricultural crops and medicinal plants.
  • Networking of plant conservation and biodiversity centers, organizations and institutions for enhancing plant conservation through capacity building.
  • Foster collaborative partnership among the conservation organisations, institutions, foundations and NGOs in country and abroad in the fields of training, research and policy development.
  • Development of user friendly electronic database management and information systems for easy and quick access to plant genetic resources.
  • Enhancing skills and knowledge of the conservation workers and activists on plant collection, conservation, documentation and management.
  • To act as consultative body for framing plant conservation strategy and action plan, and provide advisory and information services on plant biodiversity and conservation.
  • To promotes research directed at solving important plant conservation problems and improving research policy towards sustainable plant conservation and resource utilization.