Bangladesh is unique in having a wide variety of plant species that are scattered in forests, jungles and village groves, playing a key role in maintaining ecosystem structure and functions, and are essential for the survival of wildlife. But unfortunately, protected areas which play a vital role in conserving biodiversity and the ecosystem services are increasingly under threat due to transformations of in situ habitats. At least one fourth of the species contained within the protected woodlands have become very rare and many are not seen or collected after their first collection about 100 or more years ago. Many other important forest species are now at risk of being lost in all or part of their distribution ranges because of reduction  in their population numbers. Many forest lands which are considered protected still face threats to their biodiversity. In the face of such type of situation, Plant Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF) has been created and registered under the Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Bangladesh (Registration No. S-12470/2016) with the view to promote and contribute plant conservation towards enrichment of biodiversity as a whole.